The "Lucky33" Matchplay Series


Matchplay Series 2015
The "Lucky33" Matchplay Series


The Golf Club St. Leon-Rot particularly cares about promoting children and young people. With the Allianz Deutschland AG we have found a strong partner, which sustainably supports us in out mission to promote „youth and performance“.

In order to further establish the golf sport in Germany we need modern and innovative formats with event-character, which will inspire the children and young people of all playing levels.

With the “Lucky33“ Matchplay Series 2015, German golf clubs can offer its youths an attractive and professional format, looking for his equals in this way. Not only the top players of the club, but young people of all playing levels have the opportunity to gather Matchplay-know-how and experience the game style that also gave us exciting golf moments during the last Ryder Cup. 

As the name says, the number of participants is limited to 33 children per Matchplay event. Each participant is already “lucky“ by participating, because everyone receives an exclusive “Lucky33“ bag-tag and takes part in the big “Lucky33“ raffle. Furthermore the winners receive great prizes, such as “Lucky33“ PING bags. Additionally - through the raffle - the first placed winners have the chance to win one of the 11 popular spaces for the exclusive “Lucky33“ youth camp in the Golf Club St. Leon-Rot.

2010 was the pilot year, where 10 golf clubs took part. In 2011 even 99 golf clubs from Germany took part. The "Lucky33" Matchplay Series in 2012 comprised 166 and in 2013 222 golf clubs and almost 7.333 teenagers.

Club responsible persons can gladly get in touch with us via the e-mail address lucky33@bitte kein spam in order to find out more about the application modalities, provided you are interested in taking part in the “Lucky33“ Marchplay Series in the future.

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